Introducing Kick Box

I am gassed to bring you the first release of our premium shoe storage boxes. After searching the internet high and low for some cool display boxes for my trainers, I found that there wasn't really anything premium on the market.

Our OG box is a stackable shoe box made from clear plastic all the way round. With a side opening magnetic door, this is really the best way to show off your kick collection while having a practical storage solution.

The drip box is our OG Box but with cool designs inspired from your favourite brands such as Off white, Nike and Gucci. As more trainers get released, we look to introduce new and fresh designs to match with your shoes. We are also going to be offering 1 off custom boxes which can be unique and personal to the user.

We are aiming to lead the way with our boxes in terms of quality and longevity. More products will be launched in the near future with further design options a

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